LFCC platform

Cahors-Lalbenque, a business and leisure aerodrome at our disposal
with a particularly suitable platform, equipped with a 1500 m paved runway
and a Flight Information Service (AFIS) in week

Fréquence terrain AFIS : 119,225 - Langue : Français
Altitude : 912 (32hPa)
Latitude: 44 21 02 N - Longitude: 01 28 43 E
Piste: 13/31
Activité IFR possible - AD réservé aux ACFT munis de radio -

On the Cahors-Lalbenque aerodrome platform, you can practice:
Powered flight (aeroplane) – Aéroclub du Quercy
Gliding – Lotois Gliding Center
Parachuting – Center Skydiving School of Cahors

The Cahors-Lalbenque platform (LFCC) is ideally located adjoining the "Cahors-Sud" motorway interchange (58) on the A20 motorway linking Paris to Spain via Toulouse, a city from which the A20 extends to Spain via Andorra via the A66, via Catalonia via the A61 and the A9, via the Basque Country (Pais Vasco) via the A64. The booming business area adjoining the aerodrome, on the edge of the Toulouse-Paris railway line, is thus also located between the Bordeaux-Nice motorway axes (via Agen, Toulouse, Narbonne, Montpellier, Salon de Provence) including the junction with the A20 is at Montauban (about 55 km to the south) and Bordeaux-Lyon (Via Périgueux, Brive, Clermont-Ferrand – A89) whose junction with the A20 is at Brive-la- Gaillarde (about 110 km) to the North.

Technical buildings and lookout

Parking area

Cahors de Fox Echo Fox finale 31

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